Easter Decorations – do you make your own?

Easter is my favorite time of the year and I spend a lot of time making my own decorations.

How about you, do you make your own Easter decorations?

Easter is such a fun time of the year. It is just full of color and lots of flowers.

And of course, there are bunnies. My Easter decorations always have lots of bunnies and I must admit that I normally go bunny mad around Easter.

By the end of Easter, my family is always fed up with bunnies and looking forward to something other decorations.

Anyway, this year I am planning a real bunny bonanza.

The image is of last year’s spoon bunnies and I will be making loads of them this year.

6 Comments to “Easter Decorations – do you make your own?”

  1. &Kleineganz Well, that's a different thing. If this is your personal opinion, it's ok. But you can't say what you did below about Easter traditions.

  2. &MARLU I know, but I never liked Easter as a child. I loved Christmas.

  3. &Kleineganz Hah! Being raised in a German household is no explanation. There are enough remains of pagan traditions to be found at Easter. The date is end of winter, beginning of spring. What have Easter eggs to do with Christianity, for example? They belong to fertility rites. If you delve into this field, you'll find enough to entertain an atheist.

  4. I don't celebrate Easter. I'm not Christian, and there really is nothing that interesting about this time of year for Atheists. I'm more into Christmas because of all the old Germanic pagan traditions that are still a part of that holiday (I was raised in a German household).

  5. &MARLU I love Easter eggs and they are most certainly on my list for this year.

  6. I have wonderful Easter eggs for decoration. I'll write about them when the time has come.

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