Easter With Five of Our Grandkids

Yesterday, my husband Jay and I spent Easter Sunday in Romeo, Michigan with our daughter’s family. We had a really good time, getting to see the older grandkids, for the first time since Thanksgiving! Nathan is the oldest and he will be twenty one in two weeks. Nate is happily married and both he and his wife Shauni, are working towards a career, at this time. He will soon become a licensed aircraft mechanic, the exact route that his father chose. While Shauni is taking classes towards a degree, to eventually become an R.N. I’m so proud of these kids, with both of them holding down a full-time job, also. They will someday become, two very fine adults!:)
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  1. Yes, when the older grandkids are striving towards a worthwhile goal, it really blesses my heart!:)

  2. Doesn't your heart just feel the joy when the older children in the family are working hard to become a blessing and successful and meeting their goals. I'm happy that they are all doing great. I liked the image of this post it is fruitful and reminds us Spring is on the way.

  3. &AnneEJ So you got to spend the holiday, with your family, too! How wonderful:)

  4. How nice you had that time with them. I was with my daughter and her husband and my three oldest grandchildren on Monday. The boys are young men now and such a pleasure to visit with them.

  5. &mom210 My daughter was cool as a cucumber, having so much company:)

  6. &DianneN When a family bond is strong, there's nothing we can't face in this world!:)

  7. What a wonderful Easter holiday, I am so glad you had a houseful

  8. How extra special your holiday was. There is nothing better than having a wonderful, bright, and close knit family.

  9. &RubyHawk Some kids get in a lot of trouble. I'm so thankful that Nate and Shauni are trying so hard, to have a productive life together:)

  10. That's wonderful that you could see all your grandkids, and you're right to be proud. I'm so proud of mine, too.

  11. &MageHat Family is what keeps us inspired, to keep on praying! God is always faithful to answer:)

  12. &jabo Eventually, all the time we spend in prayer, pays off big dividends:)

  13. &hatley Nate and Shauni have only been married a couple years. They've come a long way, in that length of time.

  14. well that sounds wonderful! Always nice to spend time with the family! Magical blessings to you !

  15. &Cmyrtle Nate had problems in school, as a child. It's good to see that he takes learning seriously, at this time.

  16. &Kypoet I worked at a daycare center and I completely understand, how this caused your mom to be overwhelmed!:)

  17. It really makes us proud when our kids (and grandkids) do well.

  18. &kobesmom so you had a reallywonderful Easter with your grandkids thats lovely that your son and his wife are planning careers yes they will make fine adults.

  19. Glad you had fun with your grandchildren. Sounds like your family is making good career choices.

  20. &kobesmom i do not think it is behavior so much as it is just hear and she tries to take more than 4 with her at a time which can be much on one person

  21. &Kypoet My mom's sister had fourteen children and believe it or not, they were all well behaved!:)

  22. &kobesmom my mom used to say she loved her grandkids especially when she dropped them off LOL but then again I hve 13 kids so. lol

  23. &mimimi I'm very proud of them, as two, young adults:)

  24. &Kypoet Thanks, yes the grandkids are all pretty special to us:)

  25. I'd say that they are already some fine people. They sound very mature.

  26. a lot of grand kids!!! It is always a good thing to see your bloodline go forth especially in 5 different directions! Grats!

  27. &MaxJack Thank you, MaxJack! You have a very nice day:)

  28. &pumpkinfish1 The grandkids are slowly but surely, growing up and leaving the nest. But, at holidays, they usually come for our family gatherings:)

  29. Good job! it was really interseting to read your topic

  30. &kobesmom, Oh how lovely for you to spend with your family.

  31. Well – wonder what happened above me and why that comment posted like that? lol
    Anyway, I am so glad you could see your kids and spend some time with them. I think we are going south to see our grands for Easter, too. xo Diana

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