To me, essay writing was about English lessons and exams at school . We were given a subject to write about and we had to write an essay in a certain amount of time with a minimum amount of words. Our work would be marked on the total number of words written, spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation, content and quality of writing etc.
I have been recently noticing, on social media ,that essay writing has become quite big business. People have been getting paid to write good quality essays for other peoples websites. I suppose the people who own the websites do not have the time or the know-how to write good articles for their sites, so they are willing to pay for this service.
Have any of you ever tried Essay Writing, if so , how did you get on?

Most essay writing competitions I took part in were easier to enter when I was in school. Out here, most competitions ask for an entry fee that I can never give for MY OWN work &carolyn02

i have never tried essay writing but it sounds interesting.

I wasn't terrible at essay writing. I'd like to think that I did fairly well, when I had to write them.

hmm, my teacher praised me bc i have good writing skills and i'm getting lazy rn bc i have no motivation to further this talent hehe

i love writing essays and i consider it as a thing from which i can make some cash 😀

Yes, but not really in much quantity since school – a looong time ago! I enjoy it, though.

I love writing essays haha back in school I would have pages and pages for just one essay. Hence why I'm on site. Can just write away x

Yes,many times,but am not satisfied with my essay writing skills.